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Simple FMPP Maven Mojo Plugin Documentation

I like to use the FMPP Maven Mojo, but I have not found any documentation about this maven-plugin, I summarize in this blog the basic configuration of this plugin.

About the FMPP Maven Mojo First a copy-paste description from the site/generate-mojo.html file of the original plugin.
Full name com.googlecode.fmpp-maven-plugin:fmpp-maven-plugin:1.0:generate

Description Generates artifacts as configured. The output is placed in configured output directory. AttributesRequires a Maven 2.0 project to be executed.Binds by default to the lifecycle phase: generate-sources.Full name com.googlecode.fmpp-maven-plugin:fmpp-maven-plugin:1.0:generate

Required ParametersNameTypeSinceDescriptioncfgFileFile1.0Location of the FreeMarker config file.
Default value is: src/main/resources/fmpp/config.fmpp.outputDirectoryFile-Location of the output files.
Default value is: ${project.build.directory}/generated-sources/fmpp/.templateDirectoryFile1.0Location of the FreeMarker template files.
Default value is: src/m…